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Quick! When I mention the topic of your brand…what’s the first thing you think of? For many business owners, that topic alone can bring up a lot of question marks…


“I answered x…but should I have thought of something different?”

“My brand? I have been so busy keeping up with my to-do list, I haven’t spent any time on this at all.”

“How do I know if it is working for me?”

“Yeah, I have a logo and a color palette. Is that what you mean?”


Any of those sound like you? Thought so. And let me tell you that you are not alone! It is so easy for business owners to get so in the weeds that we put off taking a pulse on how we are showing up in the world and whether our dream customers not only see us, but understand why we are amazing at what we do. This is why making time for regular gut checks, or as I call them, brand audits, is not only important…but can be one of the forces behind meeting those next big goals on your list.

The great news is this: auditing your brand doesn’t require a huge investment, bringing in experts or blocking out days on your calendar to complete. Yes, that may be incredibly helpful for some. But for those looking for clarity now and to build a solid plan of what to work on next? I’ve got you covered, friend!


Introducing: The brand audit workbook

In this workbook, I walk you through my system to ensure what you are putting out into the world is in alignment with your mission and goals. And the best part? It’s totally FREE!

After explaining the 7 hallmarks of a strong brand, I will walk you through a series of questions aimed to identify both strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing efforts. And because clarity without execution gets us nowhere, we’ll craft a specific plan on what to focus your energy on next to take your brand to the next level.

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